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Bob Armstrong

The UK's leading drum educator

Adding accents

All of the exercises to start with are written as 1/8th notes so it is here that we can begin to experiment. Take each sticking through the following rhythmic formations. The rules that have gone before still apply.

The following examples are using exercise six on page five of the book. When you feel more comfortable at bassdrum in four and hi-hat on 2 and 4.

  • As written in 8th notes.
  • 8th note triplets
  • 16th notes
  • Quintuplets (five 16ths in the time of four 16ths)
  • Sextuplets (six 16ths in the time of four 16ths)
  • Septuplets (seven 16ths in the time of four 16ths)
  • 32nd notes

When things start to feel good try running the groups together. For example:

At this point, it is important for us to discover that in every exercise there are two separate patterns going on. A right hand pattern and a left hand pattern.

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