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Bob Armstrong

The UK's leading drum educator

Taking it further

Here are some other ideas you might like to ponder over!

Example No. 1

Exercise five, page five. 16th note groove idea.

The B.D. line is only a guide, not compulsory.

Example No. 2

Exercise six, page five. 16th note groove idea.

Example No. 3

Combination of exercises five and six. 16th note groove idea.

Example No. 4

Exercise five, page five, played over two bars with the second bar played backwards by one 16th note (beat displacement).

Example No. 5

Exercise 24 page five. In triplets. Jazzy fill. Right and left hands in unison, bass drum in the spaces.

Example No. 6

In the following example, play all the rim shots on open snare (no damping!) and play about one or two inches in from the rim with the shoulder of the stick so you get a very high pitched ring. Very Brazilian! Left hand is played in the centre of the drum, ghosted. The right hand notes designated ^ are to be played in the centre of the drum. Play hi-hat on 2 & 4, and please note the bass drum accents - very important for the Samba!

Example No. 7

Same pattern, but play the floor tom to introduce the sound of the "surdo".

Example No. 8

Same pattern, but distributing some of the right hand notes to the ride cymbal.

Example No. 9

Exercise one, page five. Samba feel. Left hand plays between hi-hat and snare. Right hand between ride cymbal and floor tom.

Example No. 10

Try the above patterns (and your own of course) using the "baion" bass drum line. Play the hi-hat on 2 and 4 as before.

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